At Inspirations Central we are very lucky to have 4 wonderful and enthusiastic teachers who deliver instrumental lessons, and can offer lessons at present in piano, guitar, violin and vocal.

We have a flexible approach and flexible space to be able to offer lots of lessons in the way that is needed for the individual. All our teachers are happy to begin lessons from the age of 4 and have access to lots of different resources and percussion instruments that can support a young child’s learning of music skills in a fun and engaging way. All our teachers are also very competent and experienced in their instruments and are able to take the teaching to any age and up to any level.

It is built into our ethos to make our lessons and clubs open to all and affordable.
A 30 minute lesson costs £13, 45 minutes costs £19 and 1 hour is £25.

Just get in touch if you would like to book a free trial session of 30 minutes.’