Tuesdays: 11:00 – 12:00. Relax-Sing. £5 per adult (children are not charged for). Pay for block of classes each half term. Adults with children aged 0 – 5, or Pre-natal

Music is a universal language that crosses cultural and social borders.

Relax-Sing with Babies and Young Children is a weekly, hourly class designed to be an enjoyable activity for you and your child to participate in together. This will be done predominantly through the medium of Indian singing.

The sessions are interactive workshops designed to promote singing as a family activity. This will include a mixture of humming, singing notes in conjunction with breathing exercises, singing lullabies and songs and sometimes may include listening to music.

Music is an enjoyable activity for children and is also very beneficial in their development. It helps with concentration, literacy and numeracy, vocabulary, mental health and enhances fine motor skills. It also inspires creativity and imagination and boosts self esteem.