Mini Songwriters

Saturdays: 10 – 10:45. Mini Songwriters. £4.50 per person. Pay for the block of classes each half term. Age 5 – 8

What a fun way to start writing your own music! At this age we concentrate on taking songs they already know and love and playing with the words, or arranging them in our own special way. Each session will also have lots of fun musical and vocal games to get to know what can be done with music and how we can change it and ‘make it our own!’


Saturdays: 10:45 – 11:30. Songwriters. £4.50 per child. Pay for the block of classes each half term. Age 9 – 12

Open to all ability and musical understanding. In this session children are welcome to bring any instruments they may already be learning to use in their song writing, but it is not essential. Often following a topic or theme, we play around with music and lyrics and work in groups or individually to produce songs of our own, looking at the structure, effects from different instruments and rhythms the lyrics can produce. Most of our songs will be recorded or performed and the children will be able to keep copies of what they have produced. Whether you have the next budding Ed Sheran or your child just enjoys making their own music, this will be a great feel good class to start the weekend.